July 28, 2017
1 Month and 2 days left
until our reunion.
Well, don't you think its about time we all got together again?  It's going to happen this July 28th at the Grand Event Center in Columbus!  We have set this web site up to help you get information about the event, to help you register as a Classmate, to assist us in finding all our Classmates, to keep you updated on information as we get closer to July, and to assist you in purchasing tickets.
A Steering Committee has been established and is working real hard to make sure this event will be one to remember.  We have been asking those who may be in a positon to help to consider visiting the Donations page to find out how to make a donation to help us keep the ticket cost down so everyone will be able to attend.  As of March 16 with the donations we have recieved the cost of the tickets are now set at $60.  Please go to the BUY TICKETS page and follow instructions to purchase your tickets. Also, please note you can help us if you pay by check as we save a little more than $3/ticket in credit card processing fees.
You can also RSVP and hit the Add your profile button to fill out the forms on the Classmates page so we can keep in touch with you.  This will be important not only for this reunion but going forward. Also, we urge you to visit this website regularly as we will be updating it with information as time goes on.
One more thing.  With your help now have only 53 classmates listed on the UNFOUUND CLASSMATES page.  Please take a few minutes to review this list and send us any information you have that will help us locate even more.  I know someone must know where these classmates are and we really need your help to find them.
BREAKING NEWS:  Your steering committee has made arrangements to have an AFTER PARTY get together the following day, July 29 at 6 pm at the Varsity Club on Lane Ave. on the OSU campus.  This will be a very informal evening with no admission cost and everyone being responsible for their own food and beverage expense.   It should be a great opportunity to spend a little extra time with classmates you reacquainted with on Friday night.  Feel free to bring your adult children with you or to invite your friends from other Brookhaven classes if you like.

Until then.....

Steering Committee
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